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Sustainable development

Aware of its corporate responsibility in ensuring sustainable development, Air France strives to be an airline industry leader on this issue. To fulfill this role, Air France has undertaken many initiatives, both at the Group and local levels.

Air France commitments

Protecting the environment, combating climate change and creating social value are at the heart of Air France's business strategy and its day-to-day operations. At all corporate levels, our employees involve themselves in the company's responsible development. Air France has been recognized for this commitment by various non-financial rating agencies as an airline industry frontrunner in sustainable development.
Air France extends these efforts by involving our customers in the sustainable development of our company and by integrating sustainable development into our offerings. To maintain and strengthen our customers´ desire for these initiatives, Air France is committed to:
  • ensuring the safety and security of flights,
  • providing reliable, relevant and transparent information,
  • respecting our passengers' confidentiality,
  • listening to our customers,
  • offering innovative services and meeting our commitments as a responsible company.

Our action in Singapore: Blue Ark

You won't be surprised to hear that life is hard for disabled children on Sumatra. And the tsunami certainly didn't make things any better. Parents could no longer take care of their disabled children, and the disaster left many more disabled children in its wake. To meet the growing need for suitable care, KLM Air Cares teamed up with Wings of Support (a charity founded by KLM and Martinair flight crew) and Sharing Success (a corporate support fund) to build a new rehabilitation centre for disabled children in Medan.

The centre opened in October 2006 and was named Blue Ark.

At present Blue Ark is mainly a children's home and permanently houses 25 to 30 children under the age of 15 years with various physical and intellectual disabilities. They are cared for by a team of 5 nurses and 6 sisters. Since 2008 Blue Ark is part of the Bhakti Luhur foundation that helps run and manage the centre. The vision of the foundation is to provide technical and educational training courses through an inclusive, permanent and guided educational program to help improve the quality of lives of disadvantaged children throughout Indonesia.

On June 28, 2012 teams from AIR FRANCE KLM Singapore and Indonesia visited Blue Ark and brought along 80 KGs of clothes, toys and snacks to donate to the children. They organized an outing for the children to a nearby playground and restaurant. A next visit is scheduled early 2013.

Blue Ark has been identified as a focus CSR volunteer project for AIR FRANCE KLM employees in Singapore and Indonesia. The centre needs continuous support financially and in kind to make a meaningful difference to the lives of these young children.

For more questions about Blue Ark or how you or your company can make a private donation or contribution please write in to:

AIR FRANCE KLM Singapore (Blue Ark)
79 Anson Road #06-1-2-3
Singapore 079906