Introducing Premium Voyageur

40% more space than Economy Class

In this intermediary cabin range located between Economy and Business Class cabins, Air France is the first European airline to offer fixed-shell seats, and the first airline in the world to offer so much legroom.

With Premium Voyageur, you will enjoy:

- 40% additional space: on average, 22 Premium Voyageur seats will be available over an area which before held 40 Economy class seats; this translates to very generous legroom.
- A completely new seat: equipped with a fixed shell which guarantees passengers'space and privacy. You will also enjoy an extra large tray table and a leg rest.
- A wide individual video screen: enjoy hours of video on demand.
- Amenities from the Affaires (Business Class) cabin: travel kit, noise-reducing headphones, a feather pillow, pure new wool blanket.

The new Premium Voyageur cabin will be progressively implemented on all of our long-haul aircraft, with the exception of the Boeing 777 serving the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, and the Boeing 747.

Below you may find some example destinations to where Premium Voyageur Class is available: