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Your baggage allowance corresponds to the maximum weight and number of baggage items that you can transport in the hold. If you have selected the Mini price ticket, you must pay a supplementary fee to transport baggage in the hold. 
Want to transport more baggage in the hold? Purchase additional baggage allowance online and receive a discount on the airport rate.

You can purchase your additional baggage allowance:
- when purchasing your ticket online,
- at any time after purchasing your ticket and up to 30 hours before your flight in the "View / modify your reservations” area,
- when checking in online (departing from certain airports and only for flights operated by Air France), at Self-Service Kiosks (in metropolitan France and the United States) and at Air France check-in counters at certain airports.

By purchasing your additional baggage allowance online rather than at the airport, take advantage of a minimum 20% discount (50% on your first baggage item if you have selected a Mini price ticket).

Please note: the weight and dimensions of baggage items purchased as part of an additional baggage allowance must not exceed 23 kg / 50 lb and 158 cm / 62 in (height + length + width).

New: you can now use Flying Blue Miles to purchase additional baggage allowance! To do this, navigate to the "Review/modify your reservations" tab any time after purchasing your ticket, and up to 30 hours before your flight. The online discount does not apply when purchasing additional baggage allowance with Flying Blue Miles.

Are you a Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum member, or a SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus member? In addition to your baggage allowance, you can transport one extra baggage item of up to 23 kg / 50 lb (32 kg / 70 lb if you are traveling in the Business or La Première cabins) at no extra charge. The 20% discount when purchasing additional baggage allowance online applies to any other baggage items you wish to transport.