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Destination Guide: Mexico City

Vibrant murals, Aztec history and mariachi music
Explore local history in sprawling Zócalo square with Aztec temples and colourful murals. Stroll around colonial-era houses and browse for crafts in San Ángel.

Food and Drink

Sample national staple tacos or elaborate seafood. Dine on fusion Mexican cuisine in stylish Polanco restaurants, or fill up at street stalls on tortas and quesadillas. Lunch is the big meal of the day: Enjoy hearty local dishes in Centro's neighbourhood favourites, or snack in Roma's cantinas.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Visit Aztec monuments and vibrant murals. Aztec history comes to life at temple-filled Zocalo square in Centro Histórico. Art-lovers will enjoy Diego Rivera's murals at Palacio Nacional, and Museo Frida Kahlo in colonial Coyoacán. Outside the centre, sail on gaudily painted boats down canals at Xochimilco gardens, or climb the archaeological colossus Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán.


Browse art markets and designer boutiques. Choose glassware and textiles at Saturday's noisy craft market Bazar del Sábado in San Ángel, or the best local art at Jardín del Arte Sullivan. Antique hunters fill La Lagunilla flea market for antique furniture and trinkets. For glamorous fashion boutiques, head to Santa Fe, or Roma and Condesa for cutting-edge new designers.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Sip beer in cantinas or dance to mariachi. Join evening crowds at Plaza Garibaldi for mariachi bands, a melancholic flurry of guitars, violins and trumpets. Centro's earthy cantinas are perfect for cold beer or tangy margaritas. Relax with well-dressed locals at Condesa's chic clubs, or thrill to the rumba at Roma's art nouveau dancehalls.