Drop off your baggage at the airport the day before departure

Leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport? Why not use our free baggage drop-off service!

Reception at Paris-Charles de Gaulle the day before departure

Save time and minimize stress

You can drop off your baggage at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport the day before departure.
On the day of your departure, proceed directly to the boarding area and take your flight without stopping at the baggage drop-off counter!
Service at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport
You can drop off your baggage every day from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Terminal 2F, Departures level, Check-in Area 3.
This service is available the day before departure only, starting from 30 hours before your flight.

Which flights are eligible for this service?

This service is available to passengers traveling in the Economy, Premium Economy and Business cabins on flights to all destinations, except Tel Aviv.
You can view the flight time, departure terminal and the airline providing your flight in the "Flight Times" area. The airline providing your flight is also indicated on your trip summary.
Travel smart: drop off your baggage, sleep overnight, and fly!
Leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport? Check in your baggage the day before, go through passport control, and sleep overnight at the airport! The Instant Paris area provides a hotel close to your departure gate. On the day of your trip, just go straight to the boarding area!

Who can drop off baggage?

Each passenger must arrive with his or her baggage. He or she must present his or her boarding pass, ID and any required visas to be used during the trip.

Families may be represented by one passenger with parental authority. This passenger must be flying on the trip and present the required travel documents for all family members.
Baggage for children traveling alone must be checked at the airport on the day of the child's flight.

Whether traveling in the hold or in the cabin, animals must be checked at the airport on the day of departure.

Save time by checking in online from 30 hours before your flight and printing your boarding pass at home!

What types of baggage?

Prepare for a stress-free trip!

You can drop off any type of baggage the day before your trip, including sports equipment.
  • The weight limit per baggage item is 23 kg / 50 lb or 32 kg / 70 lb, as indicated on your trip summary.
  • The size limit per baggage item is 158 cm / 62 in (height + length + width).
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card, cash or Flying Blue Miles.

Accredited companies are available to wrap your baggage in plastic wrap at Terminal 2F. The cost is €10 per baggage item.
Please note: baggage wrapped by unapproved means (notably with household plastic wrap) will be refused at check-in. These materials can damage airport equipment and delay baggage delivery.

Tax refund procedures must be completed on the day of departure at the customs office. Remember to bring any receipts for articles you purchased.
Baggage User Guide
How many baggage items can you transport? What can you bring on board? See our Baggage User Guide for information on size limits, sports equipment, prohibited items and more.
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