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Air France Travel Insurance

Air France and our partner Allianz bring you 2 travel insurance services adapted to your needs before and during your trip, as well as a Travel Assistance service available during your stay.
Need to cancel or change your travel plans due to unforeseen events? Rest assured, thanks to your travel insurance.
It´s the perfect insurance policy for anyone living in Metropolitan France, the French overseas territories, or Europe

The Travel Assistance service

With this option, you will benefit from the following coverage throughout your trip.

Health coverage

In case of illness or accident, you enjoy worldwide coverage that includes:
  • repatriation assistance if your condition requires your immediate return to metropolitan France, the French overseas departments and territories, or Europe for treatment,
  • medical and hospitalization fees for treatment overseas (up to €150,000) if your condition allows you to be treated at your destination,
  • search and/or rescue fees,
  • early return assistance.

Baggage insurance

If your baggage is lost, damaged or stolen, you are covered up to €1,200.

The Travel Insurance service also provides:

  • public liability insurance that covers material and immaterial damages up to €4,500,000,
  • legal assistance overseas to reimburse lawyer fees up to €1,500 and post bail up to €8,000.

How do I subscribe?

Remember to purchase your Travel Assistance insurance when booking your ticket online.

For your information, this option is only available on our website.

This is a description of the "Travel Assistance" option and has no contractual value. For policy terms, please refer to the general conditions. Travel insurance contracts are taken out with AGA International, listed here by its commercial name Allianz.

Allianz, the travel insurance specialist

Air France chose to partner with Allianz in order to offer insurance policies that best suit your needs.
Allianz and Air France share a common priority: client satisfaction.

About Allianz:
  • 33 operational centers spread over 5 continents, with a network of over 400,000 service providers around the world,
  • Specialist in travel insurance and medical assistance,
  • Provides 24-hour assistance to its customers throughout the entire world, with no exceptions.