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Destination Guide: Lima

Coastal cuisine, rich colonial history, and cosmopolitan nightlife
After strolling around Lima’s historic colonial quarter, once the richest settlement in the Americas, relax in the seaside district of Barranco. Then feast on fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean and sip Peruvian pisco sour cocktails.

Food and Drink

South America’s gastronomic capital. Ceviche is the classic dish, raw fish and shellfish marinated in lime and sweet ají chilli. But Lima is also home to a fusion of Asian, African, European and the traditional criollo cooking. Have lunch at an informal local favourite known as a huarique in Barranco, or enjoy dinner at a fashionable, industrial-chic eatery.

Sightseeing and relaxation

A labyrinth of pre-Columbian and Spanish history awaits. Newly vibrant Lima Centro is home to some of the Americas’ oldest colonial palaces and fine Renaissance churches. See exquisite pre-Inca ceramics, textiles and burial treasures at the Larco Herrera Museum or explore a 1500-year-old adobe pyramid, set against a backdrop of residential high-rises in Miraflores.


Browse for fashionable Andean goods and unique artwork. Intricate handwoven blankets, sweaters and shawls made from baby Alpaca wool are on display at chic boutiques and the Mercado Indio Artisan Market. Barranco is the place to go for cutting-edge galleries and colourful shops selling indigenous folk art. Shop for antique silver jewellery and colonial paintings from the Cusco School at Avenida La Paz in Miraflores.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Experience spine-tingling live music or dance all night. For a truly Peruvian night out, join locals in Lima Centro for a performance of lively criolla music. Catch Latin jazz beats in Miraflores or sip a maracuyá(passion fruit) sour overlooking the sea before dancing till dawn at nightclubs in Barranco.