Flights within France / Europe / Northern Africa / Israel

A new kind of fare
On flights within France and Europe, you can now choose between 2 types of pricing: Classic, if you prefer an all-inclusive deal, or Mini, to travel light and enjoy low prices all year round!

At the airport

At the airport

Check-in and boarding pass

If you purchased your ticket online, you always receive automatic check-in, regardless of your fare. Your boarding pass is automatically sent to you 30 hours before your flight.

You can choose your seat at any time, by using our website, an airport check-in counter or a Self-Service Kiosk.

Enjoy the comfort of our lounges

Are you a Flying Blue Gold or Platinum member, or SkyTeam Elite Plus member? Regardless of your fare, you have free access to our airport lounges, where you can rest, enjoy a refreshment or work.


Enjoy a selection of French and foreign newspapers available at a self-service stand.

If you are using a Discount Pass or a SkyPriority service, you benefit from priority boarding so that you can board at your convenience.
If you are not using these services, boarding will take place from the rear to the front of the cabin, regardless of your fare.

On board

On board

A wide selection of beverages (hot or cold, with or without alcohol) and a snack suited to your flight´s duration and departure time will be served at no extra charge.
For flights within metropolitan France, you will enjoy:
  • hot beverages and pastries in the morning,
  • refreshments and sweet or savory snacks at all other
  • times of day.
For flights within Europe, depending on your flight's duration, you will enjoy:
  • hot beverages and pastries or breakfast in the morning,
  • refreshments and sweet or savory snacks, sandwiches or a cold platter at all other times of day.
Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, some of the onboard or airport services offered by Air France may not be available.

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