Best Price Guaranteed

You found a cheaper Air France ticket on another Internet site?
Take advantage of the Best Price Guaranteed.
Air France will refund the difference in price between the 2 tickets, along with a bonus of USD 50 if, after buying a plane ticket on, you find a less expensive ticket:
  1. by at least USD 15 cheaper
  2. on another Internet site in Vietnam,
  3. within 24 hours of your booking on,
  4. for an identical flight, itinerary and booking class.

Please note: theĀ refundĀ of the "price difference" and the USD 50 bonus are to be used on a subsequent trip.

Submit a claim

Remember to send your refund request before midnight on the same day you bought your ticket on

To request an application of the Best Price Guaranteed, send an e-mail to including the information detailed below. We suggest that you copy and paste this list and complete the fields directly in your e-mail.

* Mandatory information

1. Your details:
Last Name*:
First name*:
Country (of residence)*:
Telephone number*:
Flying Blue card number (if you are a member):

2. Your Air France booking:
Departure date*:
Flight number*:
Departure airport*:
Destination airport*:
Number of passengers:
Booking class (Tempo/Economy):
Ticket Price:

3. Offer found on another site:
Name of Internet site*:
URL address*:
Ticket amount*:

Please note: Air France reserves the right to refuse any request that is incomplete or containing information that cannot be verified.
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