Best Price Guaranteed guarantees your flight at the best price. You found a cheaper Air France ticket on another Internet site? Air France will give you a coupon for the difference, plus a bonus valued at 50 euros!

Cashing in on the Best Price Guaranteed

Air France will give you a coupon for the difference in price between the 2 tickets, plus a 50 euros bonus if, after buying a plane ticket on and, you find one that is: 

1. more than 10 euros cheaper,
2. on another French Internet site, 
3. within 24 hours of your booking on, 
4. for an identical flight, itinerary and booking class.

To find out all the relevant terms and conditions, consult the
Air France Best Price Guaranteed conditions.
Please note: the coupon for the "price difference" and the 50 euros bonus are to be used on a subsequent trip.

Request a coupon

Remember to send your coupon request before midnight on the same day you bought your ticket on To request the application of the Best Price Guaranteed, send us an e-mail via "Contact us"including the information detailed below. We suggest that you copy and paste this list and complete the fields directly in your e-mail.

* Mandatory information

1. Your Air France booking:

Departure date*:
Flight number*:
Departure airport*:
Destination airport*:
Number of passengers:
Booking class (Tempo/Economy, Affaires/Business, Première/First):
Ticket Price:

2. Offer found on another site:

Name of Internet site*:
URL address*:
Ticket amount*:

Please note: Air France reserves the right to refuse any request that is incomplete or containing information that cannot be verified.
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