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WOW Fares

WOW* Fares

AIR FRANCE goes Wild On Wednesday!

1 to 3 destinations, WOW Fares, 1 Day sale only, on Wednesday, Twice a month!Sometimes the fare of an airline ticket is THE reason to plan a trip somewhere... Now is the time!Before planning your next holiday, wait for Wednesday to discover whether you would not get an unbeatable bargain!

Next WOW is on 16 April 2014!

Fare Conditions
*WOW Validity:
Sales Period: Only on April 16th 2014
Travel Period: from May 1st until June 30th , 2014

*Fares conditions:
Minimum Stay: 3 Days or Sunday
Maximum Stay: 1 Month
No Stopover permitted in PARIS
Modification before / after departure permitted at 120 USD each
Cancellation before / after departure not permitted