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Beirut-Marseille: direct flights!

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As of October 2nd, Air France has started to operate direct flights between Beirut and Marseille. Thanks to introducing of 3 weekly flights, your trip to the wonderful Provence region will become more comfortable and time-saving!

Marseille opens the gates to Southern France which offers attractive opportunities for the trips throughout the region and neighbouring territories.

Those who are fan of sunbathing and swimming will like convenient beaches and quiet bays of Perpignan, Montpellier and Marseille.

For adventure-lovers there are excellent conditions for sailing sport, diving and rock climbing.
It takes only a few hours from Marseille to drive to Nice (200km) and Monaco (225 km).

Even closer there are such nice cities as Nimes and Arles (50 km) with beautiful amphitheatres and viaducts remained from the Roman Empire.

Avignon is 100 km away from Marseille, it is famous for its drama festivals and fine architecture, and also Languedoc-Roussilon (180 km) which keeps cathar secrets and tamplier castles.
If you prefer longer trips you may travel all over French Mediterranean, drop in to Carcassonne (300 km) with its amazing architecture and finish the voyage e.g. in Barcelona (600 km).

Also don´t forget that in summer Marseille becomes an excellent air transit station for flights to Corsica.

However, travelling through Marseille is convenient not even in hot months
In winter the city becomes an attractive place for those who are going to European ski resorts.

So, having saved money on a flight you can get to Andorra (500 km) in a few hours of ride or continue a trip to Lyons and pass excellent vacations in the Alps!
There are many places of interest in Marseille itself. If you admire beautiful landscapes, scenic gardens and parks you can visit Faro Garden with Faro castle, which opens fantastic view on the sea; the Garden of Ruins – a park – museum with the ruins of ancient city; botanic garden in Borely park.

Connoisseurs of the antiquity will find in Marseille interesting cultural and historical monuments.
You´ll certainly pay attention to the Cathedral de la Nouvelle Major, famous for its rich interior decorations and unusual architecture style, ancient Abby Saint Victor and Longchamp castle.

Also you can gaze at wonderful Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde which is built on the highest point of the city. On the top of the building there is a gold statue of Madonna with the babe in her arms which has been protecting the city since XIX century. Marvellous mosaics beautify basilica inside.
It is necessary to highlight the old port of Marseille with many cosy cafes and restaurants. From here you can set out for a boat trip to Chateau d'If – a fortress described by Alexandre Dumas in his novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Finally, real gourmets will certainly appreciate delicious Provence cuisine and superb local wines.

Make a journey to this splendid region and enjoy all facets of leisure it proposes!

Flights schedule

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* Departure on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.