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Booking fees are administrative costs related to the sale of a ticket.
They apply to requests to change or refund a ticket (except tickets that allow changes and refunds at no extra charge, and tickets issued for infants under 2 years of age).
 Booking fees vary depending on:
- point of sale (online, Air France ticket office, etc.),
- place of issuance (online or by phone, etc.).
Ticket changes
Booking fees                                       Change made on                  Change made                       Change made by                             or a at an Air France            phone or at an                                        
Self-Service Kiosk                 airport counter                    Air France ticket office


Ticket purchased on                          No booking fees                      €15                                          €15 or at an
Air France ticket counter                  


Ticket purchased on a                       No booking fees                      €20                                          €30
third-party site or travel


Booking fees                                       Refund requested                Refund requested            Refund requested by
on                       at an Air France                    phone or at an                                                                     
airport counter                    Air France ticket office


Ticket purchased on                             No booking fees                        €15                                          €15 or at an
Air France ticket counter                                                                                                       


Ticket purchased from a                         Refund request to be completed through the third-party website or
third-party site or travel                          travel agency used to purchase the ticket*


* Travel agencies set and apply their own booking fees for changes to and refunds for Air France tickets. These fees therefore vary by agency.