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From now on pick up your kennel's pet at the Air France city ticket

170 Saad Zaghloul Street Foch, Beirut down town.


  • Rates for transporting animals in the cabin or hold

    The transport of animals is not included in your baggage allowance. You must pay a fixed-rate fee that varies according to your destination.
  • Flights in metropolitan France: €20*
  • Flights in Europe and to/from Pointe a Pitre, Fort de France, Cayenne or Saint Denis de la Reunion: €70
  • Other flights: €200**

If you have a stopover in Amsterdam of more than 2 hours when transporting an animal in the hold, you must pay an additional tax of €150 (200 USD, 200 CAD). * Fee also valid for flights within the French Caribbean (Cayenne, Fort de France, Pointe a Pitre).
** €200 for departures from Europe, 200 CAD for departures from Canada, 200 USD for departures from the United States and all other countries.

In the Cabin

Animals accepted :
  • Only cats and dogs under 6kd (container included)
  • Guide dogs, regardless of their weight.

In the Hold

Dogs and cats weighing more than 6kg (maximum 75 kg) must be transported in the hold.