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Bagage incident

For any baggage missing on arrival,

A report must be made at the arrival station. A Worldtracer file reference number will be given to the passenger so they may follow-up on its whereabouts. For the first 5 days baggage is missing, the passenger must contact the local baggage service department of the airport concerned. For Beirut station, the number is (01-622 722).Or they can also consult their file, using their Worldtracer file number, on the link provided on the website. If the baggage is not located within 2 days , the inventory form should be filled in and sent to Air France by fax. Fax number :+202 258 05 797.

For any baggage damaged at the arrival

Passengers must report damage of baggage(s) to the baggage services counter upon arrival at the airport. A DPR (Damage Property Report) will be created and a copy will be given to the passenger as well as informations how to get the bagage repaired
What to do when damage is not noticed upon arrival:
Damage information must be submitted in writing within 7 days of arrival of the bags with the following information:
  • Copy of boarding pass or copy of ticket
  •  Baggage claim tag Type, colour, brand, size of bag
  • Nature of damage to the bag / what / where / extent of damage
  • Postal address :
Customer Care Department
11 Kasr El Nil St.
 Le Caire Egypte
  •  You can also submit an electronic request by clicking on "Claim form" link provided below.
  • Or by fax :+202 258 05 797.
If the damage claim is accepted, Air France will accordingly repair or replace the luggage at no cost to the passenger.