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Digital safe

Discover the Allianz Protect safe deposit box!

Would you like to take precautions against theft or loss of your identification, visas, tickets, bank statements, or other valuable documents? Allianz, in partnership with Air France, offers you a secure and innovative way to store your documents electronically: the Allianz Protect online safe deposit box. Much more than a simple online storage space, the online safe deposit box lets you store documents, receive files, and, in case of emergency, the Mondial Assistance medical service can access your medical files.

Unlimited access to your personal data

Worried about losing your laptop or flash drive and the valuable information stored on it ? The digital safe is a highly secure online service for the storage and fast retrieval of all your personal digital files. It is available online at all times through your computer or smartphone.You can access your digital safe anytime and anywhere to add or review documents. Service is available in 4 languages: French, English, German and Dutch.

Numerous services to help you travel with peace of mind

Depending on which package you choose (Protec´Fly or Protec´Fly Premium), your online safe deposit box provides several services.

Select the Protec´Fly package, and you receive the following benefits:

  • A virtual space that enables you to exchange documents (invoices, bank statements, pay stubs, etc.) with authorized individuals and organizations. You receive an e-mail or SMS when new documents arrive.
  • Administrative assistance if you lose your documents – including your credit cards. 

Select the Protec´Fly Premium package, and you receive, in addition to the services stated above:

  • Access to contact information for health professionals abroad through Mondial Assistance´s secure website,
  • If you forget or lose your medication and cannot purchase it at your destination, we arrange for its delivery throughout the entire world,
  • In case of health problems, the medical information stored in your Emergency Safe Deposit Box is sent by a Mondial Assistance doctor to the medical team in charge of your care at your destination. Your relatives will also be informed of your condition.

A service available to all

Anyone can purchase the Allianz Protect online safe deposit box. You do not have to be an Allianz or Air France customer to subscribe to this service.

Maximum privacy and security

The Allianz Protect online safe deposit box uses state-of-the-art security mechanisms: digital signature, traceability of operations, and more. These devices guarantee total respect of the confidentiality of your documents, from your computer to your virtual safe. This service aligns 2 trustworthy European brands and leaders in their fields: Air France and Allianz.