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Destination Guide: New York City

Fresh art, world cuisines and Manhattan's pulsating style
Recall favourite movie scenes as you wander cinematic Manhattan streets in search of Central Park's calm. Find obscure antiques at funky markets and walk over Brooklyn Bridge for panoramic city views.

Food and Drink

Feast at Michelin-starred restaurants, and charming cantinas. Brunch is a New York institution. Head to chi-chi Upper East Side cafes for fresh pastries and cinnamon French toast, or start your day with fiery heuvos rancheros from Greenwich Village's shady Mexican cantinas. Join dressed-up New Yorkers for pre-theatre martinis in sleek Uptown bars or nouvelle cuisine from Michelin-starred West Village eateries.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Explore tucked-away galleries or in-your-face skyscrapers. Wander Chelsea's bijoux galleries, or the Bowery's sleek New Museum, where the glistening asymmetric blocks of its architecture are as much a draw as the exhibits. Central Park's boating lake and pretty zoo are the perfect respite from Manhattan's buzz. Or walk over the 19th-century Brooklyn Bridge for a jaw-dropping view of the iconic Manhattan skyline.


Find upcoming local designers and department-store discounts. Splash out in the elegant high-fashion temples that line bustling Fifth Avenue, or pick up bargain designer deals at Century 21 department store. Start your weekend early at Midtown's antique markets for that perfect Buddha statue or vintage dress. Fabulous antique jewellery and shimmering stones abound in the Diamond District.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Sample cool jazz or cutting-edge theatre. Try Off-Off-Broadway theatres for quirky experimental performances, or enjoy a bit of local flavour with slam poetry in West Village. The world's best orchestras perform in the sweeping grandeur of Carnegie Hall. Jazz is New York's soundtrack; the clubs of the Upper East Side reverberate to the sounds of bebop and smooth fusion.