Coping with a fear of flying

Many participants have shared feedback on their experience following the workshop or a flight. Below are a few excerpts from their letters or e-mails.

"I´d like to thank you for the attention and care you showed me during the workshop. At no time did I feel judged for my fear. Instead I received understanding and help in resolving the vicious circle of my fear of flying."

"To my great surprise, my first flight after the workshop went just fine. This is because I now understand everything that´s happening during a flight, all thanks to your workshop."

"This workshop really delivers as promised! My subsequent flight was really enjoyable. Although I felt very stressed at first, I quickly grew confident. The progress I´ve felt is really amazing."

"I´m no longer worried about the idea of going abroad to sign a contract. This is bliss! … The flight went perfectly, as I put into practice the techniques you taught me during the stress-free flying workshop."

"I took part in the stress-free flying workshop and we spoke on the phone to prepare for my trip to Amsterdam. The trip went great thanks to your advice. I was ecstatic when I arrived in Amsterdam, because it was really a miracle for me to be so relaxed during a flight."

"I traveled to New York with no stress and I was very relaxed during the flight. Everything went great and I owe it all to your team. Now I´ll never be afraid to fly again: it´s a miracle!"

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