Whether traveling for business or pleasure, enjoy the quality and service of Air France on your flights within Europe.

Your trip in the Economy cabin

Your trip in the Economy cabin

For your flights within Europe / North Africa / Israel, choose between the following 3 tickets to meet your needs:
  • Economy Mini, to travel light and enjoy low prices all year round
  • Economy Classic, if you prefer an all-inclusive deal
  • Economy Flex, to take advantage of a fully flexible ticket
Economy Flex: a personalized offer for your business travel needs
Do you need efficient, quick and flexible services during your business trips? We designed a special new offer for you: Economy Flex. It enables you to:
  • modify or refund your ticket at no extra charge, before or after departure. If the new ticket costs more than the original ticket, a fare readjustment applies but a modification fee is not charged,
  • take advantage of priority fast lanes at check-in, security checkpoints and boarding by following the SkyPriority signs at the airport,
  • take an earlier flight on the day of your trip at no extra charge, if a seat is available,
  • be among the 1st passengers to exit the aircraft thanks to a seat at the front of the Economy cabin.

Check-in made easy

Did you purchase your ticket on our website? You receive our automatic check-in service: your boarding pass is automatically sent to you 30 hours before your flight. Otherwise, you can check in via the site or mobile app, or by using one of our Self-Service Kiosks at the airport.

Comfort on board

We designed a new seat to make your travel even more comfortable. This seat will gradually be made available on all our Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft. Featuring leather upholstery and a headrest in Air France colors, the seat is ideal for work, rest or dining. It also reclines within a fixed area, thus ensuring your personal space is protected.

You can adjust the headrest and raise the central armrests into the seat back. Your individual tray table, cup holder and coat hook enable you to settle comfortably into your seat for the duration of your flight.

This new seat is lighter, which helps us reduce our CO2 emissions.


A selection of beverages (cold or hot, with or without alcohol) is served at no extra charge.
  • On short flights, we serve a snack adapted to the time of day: croissant, sweet or savory biscuits, sandwich, or a small dessert.
  • On longer flights, we offer a meal: breakfast in the morning or a cold meal served with a hot item the rest of the day.
Food allergens
A list of food allergens contained in the menu of the day is indicated on board, either by the cabin crew or on the menu.

Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France services may not be available on board or at the airport.

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