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Africa and the Indian Ocean, nature in all its splendour

You have a meeting with escape in its pure form by choosing a trip to Africa! Discover a continent in perpetual movement, with savage, captivating nature and a culture overflowing with diversity.

Cradle of humanity, Africa and the Indian Ocean constitute fascinating destinations, mixing modernity and traditions as nowhere else. Fans of history and culture can discover traces of civilisations there dating back several thousand years, from the sacred forest of Osun-Osogbo in Nigeria to the Saadien Tombs of Marrakesh. Around the modern and lively metropolises such as Yaoundé, Cape Town or Luanda, there is an enchanting Africa awaiting you, captivating travellers by its sense of welcome and the human warmth of its inhabitants.

An airline ticket to Nairobi, Algiers or Johannesburg will allow you to discover national parks that rank among the most famous in the world, where nature and wildlife have been amazingly preserved. Live the unique experience by immersing yourself in the Kruger National Park (in South Africa), Djurdjura National Park (in Algeria) or Maasai Mara National Reserve (in Kenya). A flight to Africa will take you on a discovery of unforgettable scenery, from the Namib Desert in Namibia to Draa Valley, which you visit when departing Ouarzazate.

For a stay on the edge of the sea: book a flight to Tunisia in order to lounge on the sand of Hammamet, Djerba ou Sousse! Add a touch of the exotic by heading for Saly Beach in Senegal or Nosy Iranja in Madagascar, accessible via a flight to Antananarivo. If a trip to Réunion comes recommended to the fans of sport due to its craggy scenery, a stay on Mauritius is to reach the peaks for a couple in search of romanticism. In the shade of coconut trees, the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean await you.