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Do you want to reduce time when booking and easily access our online services?
Just create your own “space”! You can save your personal information and flight preferences, and quickly access your current bookings.

Quickly access your personal information

My Account gives you a personalized and secure space that saves your personal information and flight preferences. Save time with each of your bookings!

By entering your personal information, you also get a custom interface and easy-to-use site that include a personal greeting, bookings visible from the home page, direct access to Flying Blue, and more.

You can change your personal information and flight preferences at any time.
Become a Flying Blue member in just a few clicks
Information from My Account can be used to create your Flying Blue account. By creating My Account, you can easily join our loyalty program to earn Miles and enjoy many advantages.

Access our online services more easily

To access My Account, simply enter your email address and PIN in the login block located at the top right corner of this page. You can then:
  • Check your current bookings
  • Modify your reservations
  • Buy flight options
  • Register online
  • Access your Flying Blue data (if you are a member).

Sign up with My Account and better organize your next trips!
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