Flight from INR 59 973 Round trip*

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Flight from INR 120 391 Round trip*


Flight from INR 70 720 Round trip*


Flight from INR 104 419 Round trip*

Buenos Aires

Flight from INR 110 984 Round trip*


Flight from INR 90 209 Round trip*


Flight from INR 132 784 Round trip*


Flight from INR 60 115 Round trip*




Flight from INR 126 179 Round trip*

Los Angeles

Flight from INR 71 665 Round trip*


Flight from INR 93 964 Round trip*


Flight from INR 74 815 Round trip*


Flight from INR 133 701 Round trip*


Flight from INR 73 793 Round trip*

New York


Panama City

Flight from INR 123 958 Round trip*

Rio de Janeiro

Flight from INR 102 205 Round trip*

San Francisco

Flight from INR 76 532 Round trip*

San Jose

Flight from INR 126 494 Round trip*


Flight from INR 118 892 Round trip*

Sao Paulo

Flight from INR 98 167 Round trip*




Flight from INR 71 850 Round trip*


Flight from INR 76 208 Round trip*


Flight from INR 59 973 Round trip*

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America, from north to south

Land of freedom and possibility, the new world has always been a great source of inspiration in many fields. The New World is still as alluring today. With its diverse cultural makeup and breathtaking scenery, America and its continent is a destination which will never disappoint, from city hopping in North America to rest and relaxation on the Brazilian beaches.

During your holiday in North America, the United States and Canada are the promise of a many escapades and a guaranteed change of scenery straight out of a film. Stroll around the New York you’ve seen in countless TV series, or explore the heart of the film industry with a visit to the film studios of Los Angeles. As well as its breathtaking skylines and the characteristic sprawling metropolis, North America also boasts a remarkable heritage, from old Montréal to Washington, by way of Boston or Chicago. But a flight to the United States or Canada, is also the opportunity to discover wide open spaces, such as the Yellowstone national park in the United States, or Banff natural park in Canada.

Surrounded by the legacy of the Mayan heritage in Mexico, a holiday in Central America will immerse you in a land of treasures and mystery! Admire the continuous stream of boats along the Panama canal, or take it easy at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica...

Treat yourself to a trip to South America, and explore the virgin landscapes of Patagonia, surf on the Pacific ocean or embark on a trek in the Andes. Brazil is the destination of choice for those who seek beaches and a party atmosphere, but it has much more to offer: one lifetime is not enough to explore its unique cultural diversity and the fabulous sprawling territories of Amazonia. On the west side of the continent, the magic of the Andes awaits, from Chili to Colombia by way of Peru and the Equator. Take advantage of a trip to South America to admire its many natural treasures, such as the Iguazu waterfalls, the Machu Pichu or the Perito Moreno in Argentina.