The canal and lush nature

Located at the southern tip of Central America, the Republic of Panama is especially known for the famous canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, dividing the country between east and west.
Panama is a small country with a little over 3 million inhabitants, one third living in the capital Panama City, and its greatest riches is no doubt, its biodiversity. It extends over the country's area of 75 500 km², with distinct differences between the Pacific coast and the Caribbean Sea.
Although less touristic than the bordering countries, Panama has many attractions: tropical climate, lush vegetation, fine sandy beaches, varied fauna, small charming islands, etc. Of course, a visit to the Panama Canal is a must, but you will have no trouble finding other activities to do during your stay.
Air France offers regular flights to Panama. Before your departure, check the entry and travel requirements for Panama .

Visiting Panama City

When you arrive in Panama City, the country's capital, make sure that you visit the city to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. It is ideally located on the Pacific Ocean, at the entrance to the canal. You may start with the old city, El Casco Antiguo. The San Felipe quarter has a magnificent group of colourful neoclassic or baroque colonial style buildings. Also see: the National Theatre, the Interoceanic Canal Museum as well as the presidential palace. Then go to the Place de France, symbol of the construction of the Panama Canal. Finally, go to the fish market to taste or simply admire the freshly caught fish and seafood. Another historical site to visit is the ruin of Panama La Vieja, the old capital, outside of the modern city. It was founded during the 16th century by Spanish colonists and was pillaged many times during its long history. You can still see the ruins of the cathedral as well as many convents. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You must visit the canal during a trip to Panama.. Many ships use the isthmus daily and it is always impressive to see them sailing through. Near the canal, you can walk along the Adamor peninsula and end the day with a sunset over the Bridge of the Americas.

Discover the fauna and the flora of Panama

The Republic of Panama has many natural parks. Not far from Panama City, you can admire the island of flowers, about twenty kilometres to the south of the capital. In addition to many floral species depending on the season, the island also has a large pelican population. A bit further, take a boat trip to the archipelago of Las Perlas to see the whales.

For nature-lovers, there is nothing like the Coclé province near the Pacific, which offers contrasting landscapes, wide beaches as well as immersion in Panamanian life. On the Caribbean side, you will enjoy Bocas del Toro. In addition to the rich vegetation, you will see many species of birds as well as sea tortoises and a wide variety of aquatic animals. Nature, culture or relaxation, Panama is a dream destination for all travellers.
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