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Departing from
Round-trip or one-way fares
Africa / Indian Ocean
Africa - Indian Ocean
Johannesburg 694 EUR RTN
Nairobi 720 EUR RTN
Dakar 1 029 EUR RTN
Mauritius 1 183 EUR RTN
New York 433 EUR RTN
Washington 440 EUR RTN
Boston 445 EUR RTN
Chicago 474 EUR RTN
Asia / Middle East
Asia - Middle East
Beijing 426 EUR RTN
Shanghai 509 EUR RTN
Singapore 519 EUR RTN
Hong Kong 525 EUR RTN
Caribbean Islands
Saint Maarten 649 EUR RTN
Havana 978 EUR RTN
Amsterdam 150 EUR RTN
Barcelona 152 EUR RTN
Madrid 153 EUR RTN
Stuttgart 153 EUR RTN
Paris 135 EUR RTN
Marseille 152 EUR RTN
Lyon 153 EUR RTN
Toulouse 163 EUR RTN
* Fares including tax from, limited to availability and subject to change at any time.