Online Check-in

By checking in, you confirm your presence for your flight, and you choose your seat. Check-in is complete when you receive your boarding pass, which is necessary for boarding your flight.
Online, via mobile telephone, or at the airport… you decide how you want to check in!

View the conditions for checking in with your mobile.
Do you have Internet access on your mobile telephone or smartphone? From the office, a cab, or a street café, you can check in wherever you wish and save time at the airport!

Mobile telephone check-in enables you to:
  • check in from 30 hours before your scheduled flight time,* up until your your flight’s Check-In Deadline,
  • immediately receive your boarding pass on your mobile telephone, or choose to receive it at an airport Self-Service Kiosk or check-in desk.

* 24 hours for flights between France and Mauritius.

5 steps for checking in with your mobile telephone

  • Connect
    Go to using your mobile phone’s web browser and click on the "Check-in" section. If you have an iPhone, a BlackBerry or an Android, you can download the Air France application, which provides easy access to all of our mobile services.
  • Identify yourself
    Enter your Flying Blue card number, your electronic ticket number, or your reservation number.
  • Choose your seat on the cabin map
    You can also purchase a Seat Plus in order to enjoy more legroom.
  • Purchase an additional baggage allowance
    Do you expect to exceed your baggage allowance? Purchase an additional baggage allowance when checking in and receive a 20% discount!
  • Confirm your check-in
    And choose the reception method for your boarding pass (SMS/MMS, e-mail, or at the airport)*.
A few moments later, you will receive an SMS**, MMS, or e-mail containing a bar code as well as the information indicated on a classic boarding pass***.

Please note: you can only receive one boarding pass when using the mobile phone option. Mobile phone check-in is specifically adapted for use with mobile phones. Certain personal assistants may not be compatible with this service.

Did you forget your mobile phone, delete your bar code, or did your battery run out?
You can still obtain your boarding pass at the airport using a Self-Service Kiosk or at an Air France desk.

*Only possible via e-mail if you are traveling from France to the following destinations: the United States, Brazil or Papeete.
** With the SMS option, you receive 2 messages: the first contains the link to your bar code, and the second contains your personal information. To take advantage of this service, you need to have Internet access on your mobile telephone.
*** It is possible to receive your boarding pass on your mobile telephone for all trips departing from metropolitan France and the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy (except Pisa), Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain (Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid), Sweden, Switzerland or United Kingdom.

At the airport

At the airport, your mobile telephone serves as your boarding pass!
Show the messages received on your mobile telephone or smartphone:
  • at the baggage drop-off counter if you have baggage, before your flight’s
    Check-In Deadline,
  • at the security checkpoint,
  • at the entrance of an at the entrance of an Air France airport lounge if you have access,
  • upon boarding and at the entrance to your aircraft. If you are traveling without baggage, proceed directly to the boarding gate indicated on your boarding pass before the Boarding Deadline (last call).

Modify or cancel your check-in

No longer able to take a flight, but you have already checked in?
You can cancel your check-in in a few clicks on our mobile site.

Need help?

Have a question about the Air France mobile website? You can contact our mobile help service by phone. You can find our contact information in the "Contact us" section of our website.

Unable to check in online?

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