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Montreal from €488*

On the banks of the St. Laurent river

From the banks of the river - where you can watch whales - to the famous historical districts of the city, you can approach your visit of Montreal from many angles.
Wether in summer with many festivals, or in in winter with underground shopping, Montreal shows a new face every season but remains lively all year long. Adding to this the kindness of Montrealers, the city always seduce its visitors. 

New York from €598*

Bite the Big Apple

With the best museums in the world, the hectic Times Square, Soho restaurants and Broadway shows, New York offers a wide range of tours, as big as the famous skyscrapers of Manhattan. Take a walk in Little Italy and Chinatown.
Why not sail to Ellis Island ? You may find the name of an ancestor on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor® before going back to enjoy some fresh air in the quiet Central Park.

Boston from €648*

A cultural metropolis

Walk through the bustling heart of this historically rich city! You can of course visit its famous universities, prestigious libraries and historic districts but also go on a boat trip to watch whales...
Boston is a highly dynamic cultural center with a cutting-edge architecture and a lively arts scene. Boston offers a unique mix!

Miami from €688*

The sun of Florida

Pamper yourself with a sunbath on the well-known beaches of Miami before enjoying a lobster in a small restaurant with a Hispanic atmosphere. Feel like you are in Cuba in Little Havana and visit the many zoos and museums of the city...
You can go for a boat trip to visit the Keys. If you are lucky you may spot some dolphins! Miami is also the starting point for an excursion in the Everglades and its famous alligators...

Mexico from €798*

The fascinating contrasts of Mexico

All your senses will be awakened in Mexico : vibrate to the sound of Mariachis in Garibaldi Square, enjoy the famous Mexican food in the Condesa, breathe new fragrances at the markets of Xochimilco or San Juan... It is also a great cutural journey through the past from one street to another between prehispanic and columbian architecture, churches, museums, etc...
Finally, after an « Aztec culture day » in Teotihuacan, you will love relaxing in Chapultepec Park.

* Round trip fares from Paris, airport taxes and issuance fees included, subject to conditions, to be purchased between August 29th and September 1st for travel on the following dates : to Montreal from October 5th to December 19th, 2014 and from December 23rd, 2014 to March 29th, 2015, to New York from September 21st to October 17th, 2014, from November 3rd to December 19th, 2014 and from January 4th to March 1st, 2015, to Boston from September 29th to December 19th, 2014 and from January 4th to March 29th, 2015, to Miami from December 1st to December 19th, 2014 and from January 4th to March 29th, 2015 and to Mexico from September 1st to December 19th and from December 23rd, 2014 to March 29th 2015.

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