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From 2014, November 14th to 2014, Mars 11th, double your BlueCredits by travelling on the following routes :


Paris - Marseille
Paris - Toulouse
Bordeaux - Lyon
Nantes - Lyon


Paris - Rome
Paris - Moscow


Paris - Washington
Paris - Sao Paulo
Nice - New York


Paris - Séoul

Middle East and Africa

Paris - Riyad
Paris - Abu Dhabi

Examples of bonus
For example, for a round-trip flexible fare from Paris toRoma, you earn Blue Credits up to 120 instead of 60 if you travel in the Economy cabin and 160 Blue Credits instead of 80 for a roundtrip in the Business cabin. For a round trip Premium Economy cabin to Seoul or Washington, you can earn 400 Blue Credits and earn up to 500 Blue Credits in Business.