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Destination Guide: Delhi

Bustling bazaars, Moghul-era majesty and modern tree-lined boulevards
Get ready for a sensory overload in India’s capital. Plunge into the teeming labyrinth of Delhi’s old city, then enjoy the contrast of the elegant, Lutyens-designed order of colonial-era New Delhi.

Food and Drink

Quality Indian food from international restaurants to relaxed eateries. For a little colonial luxury, treat yourself to afternoon tea on the lawns of the art-deco Imperial Hotel on Janpath. Connaught Place (CP to locals) is full of inexpensive places to eat good Indian food. Track down Karim’s near the Jama Masjid for mouth-watering tandoori and Mughlai dishes or snack on huge masala dosas in old Delhi.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Discover centuries of Empire from Moghul to the British Raj. See Moghul power at its height in Delhi’s highlight - Emperor Shah Jahan’s 17th-century Red Fort, before losing yourself in the frenetic bazaars off Chandni Chowk. Take a taxi tour (or auto-rickshaw for the brave!) of colonial New Delhi’s elegant boulevards to see India Gate and Parliament House.


Barter for rugs and Hindu deities. Browse Delhi’s markets of Janpath to Connaught Place for cotton clothing, leather, carpets and buddha statues. For every imaginable Indian handicraft from pashmina shawls to paper mâché from Kashmir, try the Central Cottage Industries Emporium on Janpath.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Cocktails and live music in chic hotels. Delhi’s glitzy hotels have it all - drink and dine in cocktail bars and top-class restaurants, and take in live music, traditional dance shows and folklore. Sip a gin and tonic surrounded by the colonial elegance of the Imperial Hotel’s bar on Janpath. The Taj Ambassador, Claridges, and the urban chic bar in the Park Hotel all attract local hipsters.