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Destination Guide: Casablanca

Graceful boulevards, bohemian markets and Hollywood cocktails
Feel the buzz of Morocco's most cosmopolitan metropolis as you rummage through colourful souks and dine on meaty tagines in glowing candlelit courtyards. In the evening head out with Casablanca's high-fliers to sip iced cocktails at glamorous jazz bars.

Food and Drink

Hearty tagines and mint tea in the afternoon. Tables overlook the sea at the serene, low-lit terraces in Casablanca's coastal 'Ain Diab area. Settle in for the Casablancans' favourite spicy tomato and lentil soup before tucking into exotic tagines brimming with lamb, lemony chicken and olives. A steaming glass of mint tea is refreshing in the afternoon sun.

Sightseeing and relaxation

A maze-like old town and majestic boulevards. At first light the local fishermen haul in their catch at Casablanca's quayside. Step inside the walls of the old medina and out the other side to sip Arabian coffee and people-watch on the city's grand centrepiece Place Mohammed V. The city's wide boulevards guide you to the towering minaret of Hassan II Mosque.


Souk shopping for spices and handicrafts in Casablanca's medina. Antique dealers and local artists set up stalls under the stone arches of Casablanca's Quartier Habous. At the Exposition Nationale des Artisanats all the colourful paintings, hand-woven carpets and silver jewellery have a fixed price. Or you can have fun haggling for spices and honey-drenched sweets in the weaving medina streets.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Old Hollywood glamour and smooth jazz. The gin cocktails and black-tie waiters at Rick's Café epitomise Casablanca's romance. Chilled-out jazz drifts from the bars on the seaside Corniche. Click your heels for tango at Casablanca's popular La Bodega bar, just outside the medina, or join locals for more sedate late-night strolls and strong coffee.