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Destination Guide: Freetown

Secluded white beaches and colonial relics
Take in the colonial history of Sierra Leone as you explore downtown Freetown before dining on spicy delicacies under the setting African sun. Stroll along the abandoned white sands at River No.2 Beach that form a glistening border between the rolling sea and green jungle.

Food and Drink

Fresh seafood and African cuisine with a Lebanese touch. Dining out in Freetown is all about seafood – fresh Atlantic barracuda and lobster - and Lebanese food, due to the city’s large Lebanese community. Try some classic African dishes such as goat curry with fragrant jollof rice. Stop at a roadside cassava barbecue to enjoy this sweet-smelling, crispy local dish.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Long empty beaches and Freetown’s colonial past. Explore the town’s history and walk beneath the stilt legs of Freetown’s colonial homes. Away from the city, Banana Island is a tropical hallucination, the remnants of an old slaver’s colony poking out from beneath the broad jungle, humming with butterflies and ringed by tree-lined coves.


Take home African arts and crafts. Browse Freetown’s craft shops at No. 2 Beach for carved ebony figurines, beads and drums, before a relaxing kayak ride up the river. Or pay a visit to the artists’ co-operative at Lumley Beach to seek out more Sierra Leonian handcrafts to take home.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Enjoy cold beers in a local bar or a sophisticated gin and tonic. Pull up a stool at popular Paddy’s Bar and order a Star, Sierra Leone’s best beer. Hark back to colonial days with a gin and tonic at the gentlemen’s Hill Station Club which provides views over Freetown and the Atlantic coast.