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Destination Guide: Dakar

Tropical beaches, drum-driven rhythms and colourful markets
Lose yourself in the hubbub of Dakar's markets and street life before a night of energetic drumming and harp-like kora sounds at Senegal’s most western tip. Brightly coloured pirogue boats drift across to secluded islands for sunbathing on palm-lined beaches.

Food and Drink

Sample spicy stews and fresh seafood. Drop into a coffee bar for sweet Senegalese cafe au lait or discover thieboudjenne, a colourful fish dish packed with vegetables, on Ngor Island. Yassa poulet, a hot chicken stew is also popular. Sample the catch of the day on the Cornîche or Créole seafood in Dakar’s city centre.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Explore beaches and secluded islands. Catch a pirogue boat to Ngor Island for chilled-out beach lounging and refreshing bissap hibiscus juice. Discover where the Dutch launched slaves to sea among the pastel-painted houses of Dakar’s Gorée Island or sail over to the uninhabited Madeline Island national park.


Shop for artisan goods and market curios. Visit the artisans at Dakar’s Cour des Orfêvres for tasteful arts and crafts. Otherwise haggle for anything from avocadoes to aviators with the city's spirited commerçants in Sandaga Market. Marché Kermel is popular for batik fabrics, wood carvings and Dakar's ubiquitous peanut brittle.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Join in with live music and beach parties. Senegalese music is a mix of West African drum beats and kora harp-strumming. Uncover its true rhythm at Just 4U, where world-renowned acts like local singer Youssou N’Dour perform. Dance at sunset with Dakar locals to the rolling beat of the djembé drum on the beach on Ngor Island.