Check-in & boarding pass

Before your flight, check-in is an essential step in confirming your presence for your flight, choosing your seat, and obtaining your boarding pass. If applicable, you must also leave your baggage at the dedicated counter at the airport. Various options are available to check in: find them on the pages listed below. Please remember: knowing and respecting your flights´ schedules will help put your mind at ease and enable you to enjoy your flight.

Online check-in

Starting from 30 hours* before your flight, you can confirm your presence on your flight and choose your seat online via our websites or your mobile phone. At the end of the check-in process, you will receive your boarding pass, which you need to board your flight!

* 24 hours before flights departing to the following cities in the United States: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York-Newark, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Airport check-in

At the airport, you can check in and collect your boarding pass at a Self-Service Kiosk or check-in counter.

Check-in deadlines

A punctual flight schedule is one of your top priorities, and it is one of ours as well. You can help us keep to schedule by remembering the following 3 deadlines each time you fly: flight time, Check-in Deadline and Boarding Deadline.