Visas, passports, entry requirements… Read our travel trips to help you best prepare for your trip!

Prior to your departure, we recommend that you check the entry and travel requirements for your destination country/countries by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. You must have all required documents with you during travel:
  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Visa, etc.
It is your responsibility to check the expiration dates of these documents and renew them if necessary (while allowing enough time to receive them). Otherwise, you must pay all fees or fines attributed to Air France by authorities.
Please note: some countries require a passport that is valid several months beyond the expected return date. In addition, a return ticket or proof that you will exit the country may also be requested.

In addition, please note that certain countries require airline companies to provide some or all information they have concerning passengers.
As of January 2014, French national identity cards are valid for a period of 15 years, extended from the original 10-year period. Cards issued prior to this date will remain valid for an additional 5 years beyond the original expiry date. However, certain countries may not recognize this new provision. For this reason, we strongly recommend traveling with a valid passport to facilitate any entry and immigration procedures in your destination country.
For complete information, please see the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development website.

Traveling minors

Whether your child is traveling alone or with you, we recommend that you check the entry and travel requirements for minors by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. This applies to your child’s destination country/countries or those through which your child has a connecting flight.

Minors of French nationality

All minors of French nationality must possess a personal ID (passport or national identity card depending on the destination).
Minors must have their own individual passport and cannot travel on a parent’s passport.
Please note: the French Livret de Famille is not a valid form of ID. It does not enable a child to travel, even within metropolitan France.

EU minors

All EU minors* must possess a personal ID (passport or national identity card depending on the destination) for travel to and/or within Europe. For travel requiring a passport, minors must have their own individual passport and cannot travel on a parent´s passport.

* The requirement for minors to have a personal ID is applicable to all EU citizens, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark.

Some special formalities

Europe (Schengen area), French Polynesia, United States

With Ariane, travel with peace of mind

Traveling for less than 6 months? The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development’s online portal “Ariane” is accessible to all French travelers and enables you to communicate your trip information. This information may be used by the ministry to quickly locate and contact you only in the event of a crisis* or if emergency measures are required.

* Severe political crisis or natural disaster, among others.

In Paris and Marseille, breeze through passport control with PARAFE
Want to avoid waiting in long lines at passport control? Discover PARAFE, the automated fast-track crossing system at external Schengen borders. It’s a free service and enrollment is not necessary*. Once you have registered, simply present your passport at an automated kiosk and place your finger on the fingerprint reader in order to enter or leave the Schengen area.
This service is available for departures and arrivals in international terminals at Paris-Charles de Gaulle**, Paris-Orly and Marseille-Provence airports and will gradually be extended across other airports in France.

* If you have a biometric French passport.
** Except in terminal 3.

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