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Special baggage

Special rules apply to the transport of sports equipment and other special baggage items.

The transport of sports equipment and other special baggage is subject to specific conditions that depend on your destination. Sports equipment cannot exceed a weight of 23 kg / 50 lb (or 32 kg / 70 lb if you are traveling in the Business or La Première cabins).

Please note: your baggage allowance corresponds to the number and size of baggage items you may transport in the hold and in the cabin at no extra charge.

The following information is valid for all flights provided by Air France. On code-sharing flights, the airline's transport rules may apply.

Golf clubs

Golf equipment (bag containing clubs and shoes) is considered a standard checked baggage item and is included at no extra charge in your baggage allowance. If you would like to transport other baggage items in the hold and their number exceeds your authorized allowance, you must purchase an additional baggage allowance. To determine your baggage allowance amount, please read the information in the Checked baggage section.

Are you a Flying Blue Golf member? You may transport one golf bag at no extra charge, regardless of how many baggage items you check in to the hold*. To benefit from this allowance, please visit the Flying Blue Golf and complete the corresponding form. You will receive a printable voucher to show at the airport.

* On flights provided by AIR FRANCE, KLM, Martinair, Air Europa, Air Corsica, Brit Air, Régional or CityJet. The weight of your equipment cannot exceed 23 kg / 50 lb.

If you would like to transport an additional baggage item or a baggage item that exceeds the weight limit, you must purchase additional baggage allowance online or at the airport.
Please note: additional baggage allowance enables you to transport one additional baggage item of up to 23 kg / 50 lb in weight and 158 cm / 62 in (height + length + width) in size. However, additional baggage allowance cannot be applied to baggage items that exceed the weight or size limit.