Lyon, the luminous

Under the protection of Our Lady of Fourviere, between the Rhône and the Saône, a few hours from the Alps and the Mediterranean, this luminary city is an invitation to explore centuries of history and serendipitously discover all its riches through inspiring walks.

Lyon has been part of a tumultuous history that has thus far spanned more than 2,000 years. The pride of the Renaissance, one needs only visit the Old Lyon to get a feel for all the city's multicultural inspirations.
Stroll around, get lost in the alleyways of the Croix Rousse, and, for a moment, imagine the swirling rhythms of the weaving of Lyon's silk workers, the famous ‘Canuts'. Remember also the legendary banter of Guignol, and smell the mouth-watering aromas wafting from the kitchens of ‘Lyon's Mothers'.
Lyon as it is…
With its ‘bouchons' (the traditional Lyonnais restaurant), brasseries, and starred restaurants, Lyon is the capital of French gastronomy, and its many chefs shine in the firmament of haute cuisine. Its most illustrious ambassador, Paul Bocuse, now acknowledges culinary expertise worldwide with his ‘Bocuse d'Or'.
But this captivating city has many other equally refined and exceptional facets. Over the seasons, biennials and festivals are linked: contemporary dance performances flirt with rock concerts, while the arts are on display at the Confluences Museum. During the summer, the stars twinkle for the Fourvière Nights concerts, and in winter, the Festival of Lights illuminates the night, setting Lyon's monuments ablaze with a thousand sparkles. The creative spirit of the Left Bank is alive more than ever on the walls of buildings dressed with monumental frescoes illustrating the past and contemporary history of the city, and, as the host city for the UEFA Euro 2016, Lyon will be seeing several matches in the new Stade des Lumières.
Lyon intoxicates the senses. As night falls, a merry bustle invades the streets, Beaujolais glasses clink, the hour of the sacrosanct aperitif rings out. Laughter is heard, conversations ignite, and conviviality reigns over every table. Lyon combines exaltation with a good life that is appreciated in so many ways by walking along the welcoming banks of the Rhône and the Saône, or by going for a picnic in the Tête d'Or Park…


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