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Sustainable development

Aware of its corporate responsibility in ensuring sustainable development, Air France strives to be an airline industry leader on this issue. To fulfill this role, Air France has undertaken many initiatives, both
the Group and local levels.

Air France commitments

Protecting the environment, combating climate change and creating social value are at the heart of Air France´s business strategy and its day-to-day operations. At all corporate levels, our employees involve themselves in the company´s responsible development. Air France has been recognized for this commitment by various non-financial rating agencies
Air France extends these efforts by involving our customers in the sustainable development of our company and by integrating sustainable development into our offerings. To maintain and strengthen our customers desire for these initiatives, Air France is committed to:

  • ensuring the safety and security of flights,
  • providing reliable, relevant and transparent information,
  • respecting our passengers confidentiality,
  • listening to our customers,
  • offering innovative services and meeting our commitments as a responsible company.
  • Our action in Australia

    This year, part of the corporate social responsibility commitment, the employees of
    AIR France KLM in Australia (Asia Pacific Sales and Service Center and Commercial office) have this year decided to raised fun for Cure Our Kids New Caledonia.

    Cure Our Kids New Caledonia is an organisation that helps New Caledonian children with cancer and their families who love them at Westmead's Children Hospital in Sydney.
    Through programs that adress the emotional, social and financial needs of brave young patients and their families, Cure Our Kids New Caledonia empowers families to cope with the many challenges that childhood cancer presents.

    On Sunday 22nd of September 2013, 27 employees from various AIR FRANCE and KLM offices located in Australia have taken part in the Sydney Running Festival.

    They have decided to run the 9 km Bridge Run as an opportunity to bring awareness on Cure Our Kids New Caledonia and raise funds for this organisation.