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Travel Book

With the Travel Book by Air France app, you can create a personal travel guide on Facebook. This app is designed like a map of the world, and enables you to share your favorite vacation photos with your friends.
Wondering where to go next? Find inspiration by viewing travel guides from the entire Travel Book community!

How can I access the Travel Book app?
You need a Facebook account to use the Travel Book app. You can then access it:
  • directly from your iPhone, by downloading it through the App Store,
  • or by installing it from the Air France Facebook page.

Create your travel guide

To create your own travel guide on Travel Book, simply download your favorite vacation photos from your iPhone, computer or Facebook account. Next, choose a title and a region for your travel guide, select the themes that best describe your trip, import your photos, geolocalize them... and your guide is ready!
Want to share your best memories with your friends? Publish your guide on your Facebook page! If you prefer not to publish it right away, your guide will be saved automatically.

Browse guides from the Travel Book community

Discover destinations from around the world through other Travel Book community members´ travel guides!
Browse the interactive world map, access the best guides in the Travel Book community, as well as those created by your friends. Zoom in on the best photos and scan through different guides depending on your interests—they could be a real source of inspiration for your next trip!

Want to share your favorite travel guides? Publish them on Facebook or Twitter.

Discover unique travel guides

Are you looking for a different kind of travel guide? Don´t miss the Travel Book guides! You will find photos and stories by travelers from all over the world. To access the guides that best match your interests, simply indicate the region, country, city or even themes based on the kind of travel that interests you. Getting away to your dream destination has never been easier!