Seat Plus

To make sure you receive more leg room throughout your entire flight, choose a Seat Plus!

Seat Plus is available on long-haul flights in the Economy cabin. This option is also available on most flights within metropolitan France and Europe, as well as flights to and from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) and Israel* in the Economy cabin.

* Flights provided via the A320 aircraft within Europe or between Europe and North Africa and Israel are not eligible for this offer.


On long-haul flights*

Depending on the aircraft, these seats are located:
  • Next to the emergency exit doors on all aircraft except the Airbus 340
  • In some rows other than those located next to the emergency exit doors

On medium-haul flights

These seats are located next to the emergency exit doors.

* Flights provided via Airbus A340 and flights to and from Amman and Damascus are not eligible for this offer. Please note that purchasing Seat Plus is not available when departing from certain international airports.


On long-haul flights

  • €50 per seat and per flight if your flight’s duration is less than or equal to 9 hours
  • €70 per seat and per flight if your flight’s duration is greater than 9 hours

On medium-haul flights

  • €15 per seat and per flight if your flight’s duration is less than or equal to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • €20 per seat and per flight if your flight’s duration is greater than 1 hours 30 minutes
Please note: in the case of a roundtrip flight, the Seat Plus rate is calculated based on the shortest flight’s expected duration, departing or return. For example, if your departing flight’s expected duration is 9 hours 35 minutes and your return flight is only 8 hours 50 minutes, the Seat Plus rate will be €50 for your departing flight as well as your return flight.

You can reserve your Seat Plus* in the following ways:
- When purchasing your ticket online or by mobile phone, in our ticket offices or by calling one of our representatives
- After purchasing your ticket, in the “Your reservations”   area of our website
- When checking in online, by mobile phone, at an interactive kiosk (in metropolitan France and the United States) or at an Air France check-in counter in some airports

Please note: these seats are subject to availability. Remember to reserve your Seat Plus as soon as you purchase your ticket.

* Standard recline and comfort.

Benefits for Flying Blue members

Seat Plus is offered at no extra charge to AIR FRANCE and KLM Flying Blue Platinum, Club 2000 and Skipper members. Flying Blue Gold and Silver members receive a discount on this service (50% for Flying Blue Gold and 25% for Flying Blue Silver). To take advantage of these benefits, customers must provide their Flying Blue card number when purchasing a ticket.
For long-haul flights, Seat Plus can be purchased with Flying Blue Miles in the
“Your reservations” area.

BLUEBIZ: program members can use their Blue Credits to purchase the Seat Plus Option.
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